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Belo Blato

Belo Blato is the most multicultural village in Vojvodina, and in Serbia. There are more than twenty nationalities living in this village, the most numerous ... Full story


Skorenovac is populated by Székely Hungarians. These are Hungarians who never reached Hungary on their route from Asia to Europe and originally settled in Romania. ... Full story

Bački Monoštor

Hemmed in by the Danube and by woodlands, this village was settled by the Šokci people from the Dalmatian hinterland 200 years ago. There is ... Full story


This is a typical wine-producing village on the banks of the Danube and the foothills of Fruška Gora. There is wine-tasting in wine cellars, a ... Full story


Golubinci is a village inhabited by Serbs, Croats and Roma. It features the Šlos manor-house from the 18th century, horse-drawn carriages and the Nostalgia traditional ... Full story


A settlement that sprang up around the monastery of the same name that was built, according to tradition, as a sign of the peace between ... Full story


This place was settled by Serbs who had been pirates on the Danube in the 18th century. Their origins are actually in Old Serbia (today ... Full story


This Serbian village is located on the most fertile of all Vojvodina soils and is one of the wealthiest villages in Vojvodina. The village is ... Full story


The Slovaks who settled this village a full 250 years ago have held on to their customs to this day. Even today you can see ... Full story


A wine-producing village at the foot of the Vršački Breg hills – the largest wine-growing region in Serbia. Tour of some of the numerous wine ... Full story

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