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About Wealth of Diversity

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About Wealth of Diversity

The Istar 21 Danube Tourism Cluster, in cooperation with the government of Vojvodina, is implementing a project titled Wealth of Diversity. The objective of this project is to develop multicultural tours around Vojvodina and the Danube region and in doing so present this region to Europe as a unified tourism product.

There are more than 25 different ethnic communities living in Vojvodina today, with six languages in official use (a number exceeded only by the European Parliament) and numerous religious communities.

Nowhere in Europe are there so many different peoples living in such a small region as here.

One region, 25 peoples – a harmonious community in all its richness and all its authenticity.

Fourteen villages have been selected as being best prepared to receive groups of tourists and to have their services promoted, while another 13 villages chosen for the unique culture of their inhabitants will be prepared for launch on the tourism market. These villages are being prepared for the arrival of groups of domestic and foreign tourists so that they can proudly present their cultural heritage, customs, tradition, authentic local products, cuisine, music, folk dancing, architecture, traditional crafts and skills, and of course the most important thing that makes them and every place special – the people living there!

The meeting of different peoples and cultures in this region, their intermingling and their mutual respect and acceptance, have contributed to the wealth that we see today. Travelling from village to village we have the opportunity to meet the numerous ethnic communities who inhabit this region and cultivate the traits that make them unique in the effort to protect their national identity from being forgotten amidst urbanisation and globalisation. It is this wealth of diversity that is the greatest resource this region possesses.
On the tours we have created our guests will not only encounter new cultures and culinary specialities every day, but will also have the chance to get to know all the other highlights of Vojvodina – fortresses, manor houses, monasteries, wine cellars, farmsteads, local events and towns.

By promoting this tourist package, more employment opportunities will be created for local populations, stimulating young people, women and the unemployed to stay in the villages and contribute to the development of their local communities. Sales of local products will be boosted and an increased awareness engendered in the people of the villages of the need to protect the environment.

If your clients are looking for a unique experience, if they want to meet local people still living in the village environment, learn first-hand about different cultures, traditions, and old crafts and skills, and enjoy different, almost forgotten culinary specialities along the way, then they have a warm welcome in Vojvodina and the Danube region in Serbia.

"There is no better way to learn about a new culture than to experience it first-hand. Tourism offers a wonderful connecting thread between visitor and host community. It promotes dialogue and interaction. Such contact between people of different backgrounds is the very foundation for tolerance. In a world struggling for peaceful coexistence, tourism can build bridges and contribute to peace." Those were the words of Ban Ki-moon on World Tourism Day 2011.

The product presented by the Danube Tourism Cluster from Serbia does just that, promoting connection and contact with people from different cultures who have shared the territory of the Danube region over the last two to three hundred years.

The wealth of diversity of Vojvodina and Danube region in Serbia is unique in Europe.


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